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Aeromedical Solutions one year on

To celebrate the first year of Aeromedical Solutions, our founders, Erin Director of Business Development and Steve Director of Operations have looked back at the highlights and what they have learnt over the last twelve months.

Aeromedical Solutions evolved from ‘what if’, to an idea, that was incubated through the Startup Gippsland program. Erin and Steve really saw that there was a problem that they were able to solve for people who needed air medical transport from interstate or overseas back home.  One of the biggest benefits they found to this program, was the importance of their networks, that has seen them partner with insurers, health care providers and government to deliver their services and find cost reductions.

When you look back at the last year, what are you most proud of?

Erin: Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to assist the New Zealand government with two transfers of quarantined patients back to Auckland.  We were involved with getting the passengers from the Diamond Princess and Greg Mortimer back home on their final leg from Australia to New Zealand where they were put into quarantine for two weeks.

Steve: I have to agree, the trips assisting the New Zealand government during the pandemic have filled us with a lot of pride.  Another trip that I think back to this year that really reminded me how important what we do is was helping get a client’s unwell father back from Greece.  The insurance was void due to a technicality, and he was very worried about his father’s health in transit. The family were incredibly close and we were able to provide a level of customer care and reassurance that he needed in a situation when he felt so powerless.

How has your mission changed or evolved over the past twelve months?

Erin: We started off with a clear mission, that has evolved.  Our expertise in case management and plan B’s make us stand out in the market. Being able to assess the situation with no judgement, and take the emotion out of the situation so that practical decisions can be made is a real comfort to our clients because they know they’ll get the right outcome. 

Steve: It’s definitely evolved.  While initially, we thought that business would help individuals whose friend or family member needed to get home due to unexpected injury or illness that insurance wouldn’t cover, we have moved into working with insurance companies, hospitals and governments. 

What advice would you give yourselves 12 months ago?

Steve: Be persistent and be adaptable.

Erin: Keep coming up with ideas, relationships are everything and don’t stop knocking on doors.

What do the next 12 months hold for Aeromedical Solutions, what do you want to be talking about on your second birthday?

Erin: The next 12 months are going to be tough and people’s stories of loss and grief will be significant.  I hope we can report back on the people we assisted, reuniting families and providing a safe passage home.  It’s those stories about what we do that motivate me and build our community and value proposition.

Steve: We would really like to maintain our existing relationships and build on our client base – so hopefully this time next year there are an additional 3 partnerships onboard.

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