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Aeromedical Solutions and medical escorts

The team at Aeromedical Solutions understand that what we do is complicated and explaining this to our clients can be difficult to understand when terms like medical repatriation and medevac are being thrown into the mix.

To help better assist our clients in understanding what it is exactly that we do and the patient transport options we provide, we have created infographics that detail different transport scenarios. 

In this case, we are explaining the process of travelling home with a medical escort using the example of Jack.

Jack has had a bike accident in Bali and badly injured himself. To Jack’s family's surprise, he has voided his travel insurance, so his medical expenses will not be covered.  His family are overwhelmed by his medical costs in Bali, and just want Jack to return home to Australia where he can recover with them close by.

Jack's family gets in touch with Aeromedical solutions who contact their network of vetted and trusted providers and find the most cost-effective option for him to get home safely.

Due to the nature of Jack’s injuries, the airline requires that he has a medical escort with him on the flight home.  This means that Jack and his family will be more at ease, as Jack will be monitored by either an accredited flight nurse or paramedic who will fly back in business class with him. 

Aeromedical Solutions secure seats on a commercial flight for Jack and his medical escort. Flying home on a commercial flight over an air ambulance saves Jack and his family thousands of dollars.

Once Jack is home with his family he receives surgery at his local hospital and recuperates at home, that would not have been covered by Jack's Australian travel insurance.  Jack's family are relieved that he is close to his support network, and that there is the ability for some of his medical expenses to be covered by Australia’s medicare system.

At Aeromedical Solutions, our mission is to reduce the vulnerability of our clients by providing solutions that ensure the best care is given at the most competitive cost.

Want to know more? Click here to check out the Aeromedical Solutions website, give us a call on 0457 121 275.  You can keep up to date with us by giving us a like on Facebook or by following us on Linkedin.

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